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We only have one mission and that is to make great plant containers. We strive to take care of our customers like they are family. That’s what we do. That’s all we do. We’re very happy and grateful to be doing this. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and welcome any comments or suggestions.


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The only reusable potting system that easily releases the root ball first time, every time. ReleasePots are made in the USA with recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Release pots are available in 3 stock sizes and 2 stock color combinations. Multipacks include 1 of each size. Other sizes and colors available for custom orders.


Release Pots open and unwrap to perfectly release the root ball of every plant or tree every time. No other pot can do that!

100% Manufactured in the USA

You can see the roots. Yes! You can do that now. Helps you know when to water or transplant.

Drains slower, allowing more time for roots to absorb water.

100% totally recyclable.

Can be shipped flat (some assembly required) saving shipping & space 7:1 space savings.

Large easy carry handles. Never have a pot slip out of your hand again.

Climate adjustment. Face the Black or White side to the sun to help the plant be Warmer or Cooler.

Made with USA recycled materials, helping landfills. 350 mil. pounds of old pots go to landfills yearly.

You’ll notice a lot less mess filling with soil. No big messy holes like in other pots.

Roots grow down, not in circles. No more root bound plants.

They are safer to use with thorny plants. Available with long handles for prickly plants.

No stagnant water ever. Total & complete drainage due to our patented slotted angled bottoms.

Patent #10,375,899 is the first of what the USPTO has indicated will be multiple utility patents.

Faster and easier to use. Landscapers love them – less go backs and returns!

All Release Pots are heavy duty quality.

Less chance of shock when transplanting. The plant doesn’t know it been transplanted.

Made right by two guys older than dirt.

Can be made in any color(s) or clear.

Complete drainage - Due to our patented angled bottoms.

Clear bottoms - See the roots, helps you know when to water and transplant.

Climate adjustment – Face Black or White side to the sun to be warmer or cooler.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × .5 cm

ReleasePots Unique Potting System

The only reusable potting system that easily releases the root ball first time, every time





Why Choose ReleasePots

Healthy Plants

ReleasePots are the only plant containers that easily, quickly and safely unwrap to release the entire root ball of any plant perfectly every time!


ReleasePots are available in clear so that you can watch the moisture levels and the roots allowing you to better judge when to transplant. Other pots only allow you to see the top.

Water Management

ReleasePots use less water than other pots. They drain more slowly allowing more precious water to be absorbed by the roots, while at the same time preventing stagnant water by using patented angled bottoms to promote drainage.

Strong and Reusable

ReleasePots can ship flat and can be used season after season. ReleasePots feature large easy carry handles and are available in light, medium and heavy duty models.


ReleasePots are tidy. Other pots require large holes in the bottoms which allows soil to fall out.


Available in Food Grade Natural Polypropylene. Fully recyclable. Fully refundable. 100% made in the USA.


ReleasePots are unequaled in the speed and easiness of transferring plants into the ground or larger pot saving you precious time and lowering your labour costs.

Easy to Use

ReleasePots open and unwrap with ease to perfectly release the root ball every time. They also have have large easy carry handles so you will never have a pot slip out of your hand again.

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ReleasePots are quick and easy to open and safe for all plants.


ReleasePots ship flat to save money and space and they're easy to assemble.


ReleasePots are the only guaranteed way to safely transplant your plants and trees into the ground.


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Order your ReleasePots in any of our preset sizes